Mario faced with Santa granddad

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 July 2010


Mario was called to the Diary Room in 'Big Brother' to discover his grandfather in the chair dressed as Santa Claus as part of the 'Ignore the Obvious' challenge

Mario discovered his grandfather dressed as Santa Claus in the 'Big Brother' Diary Room.

The 28-year-old unemployed fashion designer was called into the room for a chat with Big Brother, when he found his elderly relative grinning at him from the Diary Room chair as part of the housemates 'Ignore the Obvious' challenge for the their weekly shopping task.

To pass, they have to ignore a number of distractions sent into the house in order to win a luxury shopping budget and messages from home - which meant Mario was unable to even acknowledge his granddad.

This is just one of the many distractions that have been sent into the house and housemates must not react in anyway - including pointing, laughing, gasping, gawping, flinching, closing eyes, smirking and running away - or the group will incur a fail.

Other distractions include a hunky postman who delivered the news about the rules of the task and then proceeded to strip and rub baby oil on himself.

Housemates were then treated to a rendition of 'Amarillo' being performed around the house by a brass band, Ben discovered his friend, David, in the toilet and a group of people wearing gorilla costumes were also sent in to try and prompt a reaction.

In a statement a show spokesperson revealed: "The number of fails they can receive is hidden on a laminate in the safe in the bedroom. The housemates must not receive more fails than the number on this laminate. If housemates pass the task they will receive a luxury shopping budget next week as well as a very special prize, messages from home."

The shopping task started on Wednesday (27.07.10) and will continue for three days.

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