Don Gilet shops to 'murder' chants

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  • 29 July 2010
EastEnders actor Don Gilet

Don Gilet

'EastEnders' actor Don Gilet keeps getting called a ''murder'' whilst doing his weekly food shop, following his alter-ego Lucas Johnson's latest storyline

Don Gilet keeps getting called a "murderer" following his latest 'EastEnders' storyline.

The actor - who plays murderous preacher Lucas Johnson in the BBC One soap - admits he often has run-ins with fans in his local supermarket, although most of the jibes are being made in good humour.

He said: "I only go out earlier or late at night to avoid all the people shouting murderer at me. People shout at me in the supermarket and then run into the next aisle!

"But luckily they know it's all pretend - at least I hope they do."

It has been a hectic few months for Don's alter-ego Lucas, as he went on a killing rampage, killing his wife Denise Johnson (Diane Parish)'s ex-husband and watching his ex-wife Trina die from a horrific accident with a garden rake and then buying her in Albert Square.

But after his secrets became too much for him to contain, Lucas eventually confessed all to his spouse and faked her own death - whilst keeping her hostage in a basement.

However, Don believes his character's evil streak has stemmed from a need to feel loved.

He explained: "He's got a desperate need to be loved. He always thinks he's doing the right thing. People come to him for advice, he does seminars, kids come to him, he runs the community centre. He wants to be elevated and loved, but he's taken a very warped route. It's been a quality role. I couldn't have paid for a better part."

Don also hinted his evil alter-ego might return to Walford in the future.

He added: "We don't know what's going to happen to him. He may turn up some time down the line."

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