Andrew replaced for BB boot

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  • 28 July 2010


Geeky newcomer Andrew is up for the chop in 'Big Brother' this week after Steve won the 'Save and Replace' challenge, and opted for Andrew to replace him instead

Andrew is up for the chop in 'Big Brother' this week after Steve won the 'Save and Replace' task.

The geeky housemate will now join John James, Ben and David to face the public vote on Friday night's episode (30.07.10).

Steve won the weekly 'Save and Replace' task - where nominated contestants compete against each other to swap their eviction spot with someone else - and chose to replace himself with Andrew.

After completing a 'Battle Of The Brides' contest in the garden - where each of the nominated housemates had to throw five bouquets over their shoulder to their chosen partners - Steve emerged as the winner.

The 41-year-old ex-serviceman apologised to maths genius Andrew saying: "Sorry Andy, sorry mate."

However, the house newcomer insisted he understood Steve's decision.

He said: "You had to pick someone."

But Andrew quickly turned to alcohol to drown his sorrows.

He admitted: "I haven't got a chance. I'd hate it if I go but I'll get to spend the rest of my summer with my mum. I've had a great time. This house has helped me a lot."

The 19-year-old Oxford student was then sick twice after drinking four glasses of wine and two cans of lager.

While Dave provided him with some water before bedtime, Andrew soon revealed to Ben that he wasn't feeling right.

After throwing up, he admitted: "In uni I would get a lot worse than this."

The four male housemates will face the public vote on Friday (30.07.10).

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