John James admits love for Josie

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  • 27 July 2010
John James

John James

Australian hunk John James admitted he has feeling for blonde sales rep Josie in 'Big Brother' yesterday (26.07.10)

John James told Josie he has feelings for her.

The pretty sales rep opened up to Corin this morning and confessed that the Australian hunk had spoken frankly to her yesterday (26.07.10), and admitted he has been acting strangely because he is falling for her.

The pair cuddled up under the duvet yesterday, turned off their microphones, discussed their possible romance and shared a kiss.

Josie told busty Corin: "I am in state of shock because he said he's been acting like that because he feels the same way. He wants to speak about it on the outside because he wants to see if it is real or not, if I'm real."

Josie confessed she was attracted to John James several weeks ago, and the retired bodybuilder has been acting strangely ever since - even escaping from the garden yesterday and hiding in the camera run for several minutes.

Describing their passionate embrace, Josie said: "It was a long kiss on the lips. He said, 'I told you what I was like with girls - shy around girls'.

"I said to John James, 'How long have you been feeling like this?' Then he said, 'Always, but I've been trying to deny it'."

Despite being told the object of her affections shared her feelings, Josie told Corin she is unsure how their friendship will be affected when they leave the house.

She added: "He said this environment isn't real and he don't reckon my feelings are real. Maybe they're not 'cause you're in an environment... I wonder if things will be the same outside. How can things be the same Cor? I'm a Bristolian and he's an Australian."

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