Four boys face BB boot

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  • 27 July 2010
Ben faces BB boot

Ben faces BB boot

John James, Ben and Steve have received the most nominations in this week's 'Big Brother', and will be joined in the 'Save and Replace' task today (27.07.10) by David - who was automatically up for nomination after talking about voting with housemates on Sunday (25.07.10)

John James, Ben and Steve are up for nomination in this week's 'Big Brother'.

The three male housemates currently face the public vote on Friday (30.07.10) - where they will be joined by rule-breaking David - unless they are able to stop themselves by winning the 'Save and Replace' task today (27.07.10).

The three nominees received the most votes from their housemates yesterday (26.07.10), with posh Ben receiving four, while john James and Steve both accumulated three.

The trio will now be joined by David, who will be up for nomination this week as punishment for discussing nominations on Sunday evening (25.07.10).

However, David plans to lose the 'Save and Replace' task on purpose because he hated it when he made a replacement nomination twice before.

After Ben urged him to try and win, David said: "I can't do that. I've done it twice, it's horrible."

Although he has been told he can take part in the 'Save and Replace' task with the other nominees this week, where he will have to fight for the chance to keep his place in the house safe, David wants to give everyone the chance to get rid of him.

During a chat with writer-and-broadcaster Ben, David continued: "I'm fine to go up this week. It could be that the public have been wanting me out for weeks, let's give them the opportunity. I'm not gonna try and control stuff like that, I'm gonna just let it go this week."

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