Ryan Lamb's murder changes

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  • 27 July 2010
James Sutton

Emmerdale actor James Sutton

Actor James Sutton has revealed his 'Emmerdale' character Ryan Lamb will ''change indefinitely'' after being accused of his father's murder, and will want to kill half-brother Nathan Wylde

'Emmerdale's Ryan Lamb will "change indefinitely" after being charged with the murder of his father.

James Sutton - who plays the hunky mechanic in the hit ITV1 soap - admits his alter-ego is ready to "bury" his half-brother Nathan Wylde (Lyndon Ogbourne) when he sets Ryan up by placing false evidence at the scene of the crime.

James explained: "He realises that he's been completely set up by Nathan! And there's an awful lot to come with this storyline. It will change Ryan indefinitely, I think.

"I think most people would like Nathan to go down for it, because he's a little scumbag! I'm with the majority. They should send Nathan down and give him the electric chair! I want to be the guy that pulls the trigger and ends Nathan. I want to be the guy that buries Nathan. It would be deserved, I think! I have no doubt that I will have my revenge."

However, the actor - who previously played John Paul McQueen in Channel 4 soap 'Hollyoaks' - would also like his character to get back on good terms with his on-screen half-brother so the pair could become "evil buddies".

He added to DigitalSpy: "Me and Lyndon have actually chatted about this and said how cool it would be if they became buddies again, but kind of like evil buddies - this pair of evil brothers who are hellbent on power and madness and just going around systematically screwing over everyone in the village!"

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