Victoria Atkin's 'tough' role

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  • 26 July 2010
Hollyoaks newcomer Victoria Atkin

Victoria Atkin

New 'Hollyoaks' actress Victoria Atkin admits it has been ''tough'' playing her gender-confused character Jasmine Costello, because she likes her own body

Victoria Atkin admits it has been "tough" playing her gender-confused 'Hollyoaks' character.

The pretty actress - who will play new villager Jasmine Costello in the Channel 4 soap - admits she finds it difficult portraying her alter-ego's gender troubles, and secret life as her male persona Jason.

She said: "It is quite hard going because obviously being a girl who likes my own body, it's hard to think how you'd hate to be born into the wrong body. It's just tough getting that mindset, but it's just like any character - as soon as you get it then it's there and it works. I've just seen some of the editing and the rushes for Jason today for the first time because I was really curious to see how realistic it looks, and it looks really good."

The actress recently started work on 'Hollyoaks' as part of Jem Costello (Helen Russell-Clark)'s family, who move to the village when their ex-professional football player father Carl (Paul Opacic) buys the Dog in the Pond.

Victoria - whose alter-ego is set to enter the village next month - admits their filming schedule has been manic from the offset.

She explained to the official 'Hollyoaks' website: "It's been working all night from four in the afternoon until four in the morning, and I've been trying to move up to Liverpool so it has been a little full on for the past few months. I haven't really had much time to myself at all. Hopefully soon there will be a little bit of a break in episodes but I think I'm going hardcore until Christmas at least!

"Before 'Hollyoaks', I was teaching four to seven year old's drama, dance and singing so that was really good, and at Christmas I played Cinderella. So that's me - Cinderella to now a fella!"

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