New housemate pass task

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  • 25 July 2010
New housemate Laura

New housemate Laura

The three new housemates, Jo, Laura and JJ, completed their secret task winning a candy-themed party for the 'Big Brother' house

The new housemates completed their secret task winning a party for the 'Big Brother' house.

New arrivals Jo, 41, Laura, 20, and JJ, 23, were given a 'Dave Ja Vu' challenge in which they had to tell Dave the same story three times.

After Big Brother announced the trio had successfully completed their mission, Dave said: "I knew it was a secret task!"

He then recalled Laura's unlikely story of how she told him she had fallen off an elephant while travelling in Kenya, saying: "Dude, it was so funny!"

After being gathered in the bedroom and told to wait, when the contestants were allowed back into the living room they found it was decorated in a candy theme with huge sweets, gingerbread arches and giant lollipops and candyfloss.

There was also a fancy dress box and the excited housemates wasted no time in donning a variety of fun outfits.

JJ dressed as a hot dog, Ben put on a boater hat, Steve donned a giant pair of sunglasses and Laura went for a cropped blonde wig and pink dress.

They were also given alcohol and sweets and Big Brother played music, leading Rachel to exclaim: "This is the best party we've ever had!"

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