Corin and Andrew sing for the crowd

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 July 2010

Andrew performed duet with Corin

Corin and Andrew were thrilled when their duet for the crowd outside the 'Big Brother' house was a success

Corin and Andrew successfully completed their duet outside the house.

The pair had bee chosen by choreographer Andrew Stone - who became a temporary housemate this week to help the group with their singing and dancing skills - to treat the live show crowd to a rendition of '(I've Had) The Time of my Life'.

Their display didn't go without a hitch, as Corin forgot when to come in for her part in the duet, but they laughed off the mistake.

They then re-entered the house thrilled with their efforts.

The retail worker shouted: Oh my God! It was amazing. I can't believe it. Can you believe that?" while her singing partner laughed uncontrollably.

The group were then told that the duet had been performed successfully and as their music video had been downloaded 121,000 times, they had passed the BB High task and will receive a luxury shopping budget.

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