Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp (4 stars)

Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp

Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Wed 14 Jul

It’s a homecoming of sorts for the Geneva-based Afrodelic agit-skronk surrealist sextet, who now feature Wilf Plum, formerly of Edinburgh’s blartiest avant-punk combo Dog Faced Hermans, on drums. With Liz Moscarola’s urgent vocals fronting a reckless junkyard stew of trombone, upright bass, scritchy-scratchy guitar and Anne Cardinaud’s wiggy marimba freakouts, the umbilical link is plain to hear, both on their just released second album, The Thing That Everything Else Is About, and in their explosively textured live show.

Things start quietly enough with the teasing opening guitar patterns of ‘Left Hand’ before erupting into a gloriously messy mélange where Brechtian honk meets Dr Seuss. ‘Elephant’ somewhat appositely shuffles about like Happy Mondays’ ‘Wrote For Luck’ restyled by the breathless freeform scat of Life Without Buildings. Finally, onstage alone, Cardinaud plucks out a solitary rhythm on a Brazilian berimbau while the rest of the band stand among the audience to harmonise on a song by French Creole legend Danyel Waro. In an age when ‘world music’ is a by-word for blandness, this is as far from the coffee table as you can get.


1. Wilf Plum28 Jul 2010, 10:25am Report

Thanks for the 4 star review Neil, we enjoyed ourselves too.
For anyone who may be interested...

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