Glasgow trio Nalle deal in otherworldly psych-folk

Glasgow trio Nalle deal in otherworldly psych-folk

Band's musical pallette includes bouzouki, viola, Finnish kantele and mouth harp

Glasgow trio Nalle (Finnish for ‘teddy bear’) are touring a new album of otherworldly psych-folk. The List caught up with Hanna Tuulikki – whose keening soprano has been compared to Joanna Newsom and Björk – to discuss music and myth.

How did Nalle begin?
Nalle formed in the summer of 2004 when Chris Hladowski, Aby Vulliamy and myself started working on some songs that I had written. As well as playing instruments from the four corners of the globe, from bouzouki and viola to Finnish kantele and mouth harps, we were also listening to a lot of folk music from those different places. I felt that the music we were making was akin to those traditions where the freedom of improvisation plays as important a role as the structure of the song or story.

What is the inspiration for the new album?
Wilder Shores Of Love is named after the [American artist] Cy Twombly painting which in turn was inspired by the Greek myth of Hero and Leander. I act out stories that begin by setting a scene where things are difficult for the characters, but by the end they have often found a degree of resolution. Each song fits with a drawing bringing to life the imagery and symbolism in the lyrics.

Nalle play CCA, Glasgow, on Thu 22 July, with support from The One Ensemble and Two Wings. An exhibition of Hanna Tuulikki’s album artwork is running at Welcome Home, Keith Street, Glasgow until Sat 31 Jul.

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