Grupo Fantasma - El Existential (4 stars)

Grupo Fantasma - El Existential

(Nat Geo Music)

Riotous energy pulses through this exuberant set from Grupo Fantasma, who put a 21st-century twist into salsa and Latin sounds. Underpinned by heavy rock grooves and percussive layers, arrangements fizz with funky trumpet and trombone solos, chorusing voices and witty takes on Latin clichés. Totally irreverant in approach, their talent is also very obvious; full of experimentation, yet at the same time re-stating the extraordinary Afro-Latin history of a tradition these guys obviously know backwards. Music to recharge everything to. Now if only they were coming to Scotland.

Grupo Fantasma

  • 4 stars

The Texan outfit plays Latin funk and salsa.

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