Andrew blasts BB Stone

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 July 2010


'Big Brother' housemate Andrew is angered after being denied a vocal role in the 'Glee' style task

Andrew is unhappy that Andrew Stone is a temporary 'Big Brother' contestant.

The 'Pineapple Dance Studios' star entered the house on Wednesday morning (21.07.10) to teach the housemates to sing and dance for their latest task, based on hit US show 'Glee'.

While some of the housemates are happy with the task, maths student Andrew has claimed the dancer was "only doing it for the publicity".

However the others were full of praise for the dancer with Dave saying: "He wanted to stay and have a crack. I think he's a nice guy."

Corin added: "I will never be a singer but to see everyone loving that task was great."

Steve agreed that he felt good after day one of the task and the "family spirit" it brought.

But Andrew was still unconvinced about the dancer.

He fumed: "I can't believe he has a TV show and people watch it.

"If he was in the house he would make nominations a lot easier."

Andrew was annoyed after failing to secure a vocal solo for the group's performance of 'Don't Stop Believing'.

He complained: "I don't like him at all. He said we're all going to sound fantastic on the track and I'm not on it, when I wanted to be. That's bloody rude."

Earlier, Andrew Stone had revealed everyone's roles for the task. Steve and Rachel secured the lead vocals, with Mario and Josie on second lead.

Ben and David were announced as support vocals and John James and Corin on backing vocals.

He also tried to reassure Andrew that "even though you're last to be read out, you're not last in line."

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