Josie confused by 'insane' JJ

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  • 22 July 2010
John James

Josie confused by 'insane' John James

Josie admits she feels her 'Big Brother' housemate John James - who she constantly flirts with - has some insane qualities

Josie thinks John James is "insane".

The Bristolian sales rep - who has flirted with the Australian hunk from the very beginning of the series - admits she is concerned with her housemate's mental state.

She told Corin: "He's a bit of a weird one mind, do you know what he does?

"He saves every single message on his phone. Records most of his calls, keeps all his logs on his computer - just in case one of his mates might have told him a lie. So he can refer back to it at a later stage. That's insanity, isn't it?"

Busty Corin told her she thought it was "strange" behaviour.

Josie laughed: "I know that but is there a technical name for it?"

Corin added: "Bloody strange! I hope it's not catching because I'm paranoid enough as it is you know, I don't want to start doing all that shit to my friends!"

Despite his odd behaviour, the pair have noticed an improvement in John James' attitude to life in the Channel 4 compound.

Josie explained: "He said, 'I know you won't believe it but I love every single minute here'."

Josie and John James spent a lot of time together again yesterday, chatting privately in the bedroom for a large part of the evening after their exhausting task rehearsals ended.

Task master and choreographer Andrew Stone spent the day putting the group through their paces for the 'Glee' task, but was left shattered.

He told them: "I'm so proud of you. Honestly, I think every single one of you is tops and I mean that. You guys are on fire, and what I love about you is that you all work together."

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