5 Things you might not know about.. Roy 'Chubby' Brown

5 Things you might not know about.. Roy 'Chubby' Brown

1. OK, this is one you’ll probably all know, but it’s a good one so it’s going in. Born Royston Vasey in 1945, the moniker was used by the League of Gentlemen as the name for their fictional location where all the grotesques come out (or stay in) to play. In the second series, he made a cameo appearance as the town mayor.

2. His first taste of showbiz came in the late 60s, when he played drums in a covers band. Because there was more cash to be made for musical comedy acts, Vasey started telling gags in between songs. The group soon split up but two stayed behind and called themselves Alcock and Brown.

3. In 2003, Brown was fined in a Blackpool court after assaulting a fan with a golf umbrella. Which makes you wonder what he’d do to his detractors. Seems that he took exception to a Glaswegian chap who had caught sight of his hero walking towards the stage door and hurled some naughty words at the delicate Brown.

4. In his 2007 book, A National Joke, gay academic Andy Medhurst claimed that Brown was the ‘most important comedian of the past 25 years’. Though having attended one Chubby gig, he did admit to being taken aback at the audience’s rather gleeful reaction to gags having a pop at homosexuality.

5. He appeared on Opportunity Knocks in the 1970s, coming fourth in his heat. It was won by a spoon player.

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