Five history books

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  • 23 July 2010
5 History Books

1. Catherine Arnold - City of Sin
Subtitled ‘London and its Vices’, this is the concluding part of a trilogy that has investigated the English capital’s seamier side, peeking at the bathhouses of Roman Londinium to the sexual underground of the 20th century. Simon & Schuster.

2. Robin Fleming - Britain After Rome
This one has the catchy subtitle of ‘The Fall and Rise from 400–1070’ and looks at how the invading Vikings, Saxons and Angles created a resilient and civilised Britain. Allen Lane.

3. Richard A Billows - Marathon
Here’s another one with a subtitle, this time, ‘How One Battle Changed Western Civilization’ as we raise a glass to the 2500th anniversary of the scrap between 10,000 Athenians against 25,000 Persians. Duckworth.

4. Toby Wilkinson - The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt
The subtitle-free tome, which is a comprehensive, illustrated history focusing on the dark side of the Pharaohs and some harsh political realities. Bloomsbury.

5. Michael Smith - Six
And back to subtitles, where this one quite simply takes the biscuit: ‘The Real James Bonds. Part 1: The History of Britain’s Most Secret Service 1909-1939’. Say no more. Biteback.

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