Keeley to return to BB from hospital

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 July 2010


'Big Brother' housemate Keeley is expected to return to the compound after being rushed to hospital yesterday (20.07.10) after injuring her ankle in the 'Save and Replace' task

Keeley is expected to return to the 'Big Brother' house after being rushed to hospital for an ankle injury.

The petite travel agent was taken to a medical centre last night (20.07.10) after an accident during the 'Save and Replace' task - where she and fellow nominees Corin and Rachel were dressed as a spider and challenged to climb out of a giant bath as quickly as possible.

After a tumble, the pretty blonde was carried to the Diary Room by David and John James where she received on-the-spot treatment.

However, when her ankle failed to improved she was taken to hospital for treatment overnight.

Since then, 'Big Brother' has assured concerned Josie and their fellow housemates that Keeley is expected to make a full recovery and return to the compound soon.

She is still in the medical centre, and may stay there overnight again before discussing with show producers whether or not she feels well enough to return.

Because of the accident, the 'Save and Replace' task was cancelled last night.

At present, 'Big Brother' plans to proceed with Friday's (23.07.10) eviction - with one of the three beauties still facing the boot.

In another twist today, it had been revealed the surprise extended show bosses planned to air tonight (21.07.10), has been cancelled as host Davina McCall is stuck in France following a strike by airport staff.

A 'Big Brother' spokesperson confirmed: "Producers have done all they can to get Davina to Elstree to present the extended show tonight but due to a strike by French air traffic controllers it was not possible for Davina to get back in time."

Keeley's fellow housemates have been joined by choreographer Andrew Stone today for their latest musical task, which is based around the popular US series 'Glee'.

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