The Terror of Cosmic Loneliness unites Tony Da Gatorra and Gryff Rhys (3 stars)

The Terror of Cosmic Loneliness is the result of an alliance between Da Gatorra and Rhys

Brazillian counter-culture and Super Furry Animal create madcap album

The most striking thing about this clattering, madcap alliance between psychedelic Super Furry Animal Rhys and Brazilian counter-cultural vanguard Da Gatorra occurs on recent single (and standout track) ‘In A House With No Mirrors’: it sees our primal-electro duo tone down their DIY brouhaha, and start channelling Nick Cave.

Sure, the album’s short on additional pop hooks – save perhaps the machine-spatter of ‘6868’ – but its technicolour racket serves a higher purpose, according to Da Gatorra: ‘peace my brothers, this record was made with lots of feelings and love to bring consciousness and show a little bit of truth.’ Amen.

Tony Da Gatorra & Gruff Rhys

  • 3 stars

The two songwriters perform experimental rock from their collaborative album The Terror Of Cosmic Loneliness.

The Terror Of Cosmic Loneliness, Islet

  • 3 stars

Tony Da Gatorra and Gruff Rhys go head-to-head in their experimental electronic noise collaboration.

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