Strong survivor Sally Whittaker

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  • 20 July 2010
Sally Whittaker

Sally Whittaker

'Coronation Street' actress Sally Whittaker admits she always thought she was ''quite vulnerable'' until she survived breast cancer

Sally Whittaker realised she was "strong" after battling breast cancer.

The 'Coronation Street' actress - who plays Sally Webster in the ITV1 soap - admits she always thought she was a "vulnerable" person until she survived the potentially fatal disease.

She said: "I always thought I was quite vulnerable but I have realised that I am strong. I do realise that I have such support from my husband, Tim. He's brilliant and I have a six year old and two older children, so wanting to lead as normal a family life as possible got me through."

Sally - who married Tim Dynevor in 1995 and has children, daughter Phoebe, 15, Samuel, 13, and Hatty, seven - admits her family continually lifted her spirits during her seven months of treatment and made her realise how lucky she is.

The 47-year-old actress has even started using her married name, Sally Dynevor, since she was told she was unwell because she wanted her family unit to be complete.

She added: "My little girl would just say, 'That's my mum, she's bald because she has cancer!' Things like that are brilliant. I looked at everything through their eyes. I just kept thinking that I'd be fine soon, I just had to get through a horrendous six months.

"When I was diagnosed I kept thinking about how lucky I was. I thought, I've got three gorgeous children and I'm very happily married - how lucky am I to get to this stage in my life and be so fortunate?

"I just want to be Mrs. Dynevor and not Sally Whittaker. Tim was really pleased. I just wanted to have the same name as my family."

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