Caoimhe quits Big Brother

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  • 20 July 2010


Irish student Caoimhe has quit 'Big Brother' after spending 42 days in the house

Caoime has quit 'Big Brother'.

The Irish student walked out of the Channel 4 compound after 42 days in the house, telling her housemates and Big Brother she was desperate to be reunited with her boyfriend and family.

Last night (19.07.10) Caoimhe went into the Diary Room and asked Big Brother if she could exit, but was asked to rethink her decision and return today if she was still set on going.

After saying goodbyes to everybody in the house, the part-time DJ left through the back door to a round of applause from the remaining contestants.

Caoimhe first revealed plans to quit the show when aspiring actress Shabby - who was her closes pal in the house - left earlier this month.

Since the pretty housemate left at 1pm today, her housemates have been discussing her decision to go and John James broke down in tears in the nest.

Following Caoimhe's departure, the housemates up for eviction on Friday (23.07.10) have changed.

The 22-year-old beauty had been up against former 'Pop Idol' contestant Rachel.

However, newcomer Keeley broke a major 'Big Brother' rule by discussing nominations last night and consequentially her votes became invalid - as did Caoimhe's on her departure.

Rachel, busty Corin and air hostess Keeley are now the three housemates with the most votes, and will take part in the 'Save and Replace' challenge later today.

The trio will be dressed as spiders and placed in a giant bathtub. The first one to escape will avoid the vote and will have the chance to choose a fellow housemate to replace them and face eviction.

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