Caoimhe wants BB boot

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 July 2010


Pretty Irish DJ Caoimhe is desperate to leave the 'Big Brother' house and is considering asking her housemates to nominate her for eviction

Caoimhe wants to be evicted from 'Big Brother'.

The pretty Irish DJ has told her fellow housemates John James and David that she is desperate to be booted from the Channel 4 compound this week and is considering asking her fellow contestants to nominate her.

Ahead of today's nominations (19.07.10), she said: "I know my reception here as changed. Are you allowed to ask people to nominate you?"

The trio also discussed how some of their roommates find the nomination process easier than others.

John James exclaimed: "They think they can f**k the s**t out of whoever they want, then come out here and make them coffee."

Steve is another of the 'Big Brother' men who is struggling to find fault with his peers and is considering voting for the Tree of Temptation and Bob Righter.

John James said: "When you don't have a problem with anyone."

Steve added: "It makes it very difficult to nominate.

"I'm going to put up the Tree this week and Bob Righter, who's done five-fifths of f**k all."

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