Big Brother's birthday bash

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  • 19 July 2010
Big Brother

Big Brother

'Big Brother' celebrated its tenth birthday with a relay task and party for housemates yesterday (18.07.10)

'Big Brother' has celebrated its tenth birthday celebrations with a party for housemates.

Contestants were woken up yesterday (18.07.10) with a Stevie Wonder rendition of 'Happy Birthday' before being told of their task for the day.

Big Brother delivered a birthday card to housemates with instructions on a game of relay with a twist. In teams of three the groups were instructed to race one another each holding onto a candle - keeping the candle alight in order for them to win a prize.

John James, Mario and Corin were part of one team, Josie, Ben and Andrew formed a second while Dave, Keeley and Caoimhe were together in the third group.

Steve took the place of the pilot light candle while Rachel was given the role of birthday cake monitor.

After Sunday afternoon's relay race task was completed, Big Brother set up a party for the winning group - John James, Mario and Corin - with prizes and cake, where each of the winners received a special prize.

While John James was not impressed with his bouncy ball gift, Corin became excited by all the sweets on offer at the party.

Channel 4 had previously confirmed the housemates would be subjected to "shocking" and "unexpected" twists during the week-long 'birthday party'.

Housemates had speculated on what could be in store for them with Corin guessing, "I reckon we're gonna get previous housemates."

Mario added: "Maybe every hour we'll get a housemate from previous years in 10 hours."

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