A Big audience with Ben

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  • 18 July 2010
Big Brother housemate Ben


The 'Big Brother' house enjoyed an 'Audience With. Ben' last night (17.07.10) as the final part of their current task

The 'Big Brother' house enjoyed an 'Audience With. Ben' last night (17.07.10).

The contestants - who have all had to dress and act like the foppish Londoner for 24 hours starting from Friday night (16.07.10) for a task - sat back and learned about Ben's life and loves.

Master of Ceremonies David introduced the star of the show, which began with "The life and times of Benjamin Duncan".

Referring to his lack of effort in the recent group tasks, Ben said: "I'm a self confessed non-team player."

He then mocked his posh background, insisting he is in fact poor, despite his expensive tastes, claiming he has been "living with a fur coat and no knickers".

The second part of the night focused on Ben's obsession with Dame Shirley Bassey, with him revealing he got into her music through his love of James Bond films.

Bassey recorded the title track to three 007 adventures 'Goldfinger', 'Diamonds Are Forever' and 'Moonraker'.

He explained: "I came to her when I was 13 or 14 through my love of Bond films."

Housemates the burst into laughter as Corin came out dressed as the Welsh singer in a long black gown and performed 'Goldfinger', accompanied by Ben on the piano.

The final part of the show, which David introduced as "Jazz and Me", focused on Ben discussing his love of the musical genre, admitting "I like a music form that doesn't follow rules".

The housemates learn whether they have passed their task to get Ben back his suitcase today (18.07.10).

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