Josie getting jealous of Caoimhe

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 July 2010


Josie confessed to John James she is getting ''jealous'' of his close friendship with Caoimhe

Josie is "jealous" of Caoimhe's increasingly close relationship with John James in the 'Big Brother' house.

The curvy Bristol girl told the angry Australian he should be wary of "smarmy" Caoimhe during a heart-to-heart chat in the bathroom in the early hours of this morning (18.07.10).

Josie said: "I'm not stupid, I know she's trying to wind me up. She's a smarmy little b***h on the quiet. She thinks it's funny, but it's not."

Josie also told John James she thought the Irish girl brought out a "negative" side to him and alienated him from the rest of the group.

Although Josie has confessed to other housemates she has a crush on John James, the blonde hunk told Dave in an earlier conversation he isn't attracted to her and wouldn't want to have a relationship in the house anyway.

Dave said: "She thinks a lot more of you than you realise."

John James disagreed with him, and replied: "It's more of a brother and sister relationship."

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