Ife evicted from Big Brother

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  • 17 July 2010
Ife, who scored the winning goal

Ife evicted from Big Brother

Ife was evicted from the 'Big Brother' house last night (16.07.10), after receiving 56 per cent of the votes and losing out to Mario and Corin

Ife was evicted from the 'Big Brother' house last night (16.07.10).

The shaven-headed dancer lost out to busty Corin and former mole Mario yesterday, and was kicked out of the Channel 4 compound after receiving 56 per cent of the votes from the general public.

Discussing why she believed she went, Ife told host Davina McCall: "I spent a lot of time in the bathroom."

As Davina read out the results to the housemates, the crowd outside chanted: "Get Ife Out. Get Ife Out."

However, her fellow contestants tried to outdo the noised by shouting, "We love you, Ife," as she left.

After posing for her exit photographs, Davina showed Ife video clips of Josie, Ben, David, John James and Caoimhe nominating her earlier in the week.

Although not surprised about some of the votes, Ife admitted she was shocked Christian minister David had put her forward for the vote.

She said: "I wasn't surprised at Josie, John James and Caoimhe. They're quite tactical, they would have known who they were voting for - I wish I'd played the game a bit.

"I feel a bit silly because I thought me and David were alright but obviously not."

Ife also admitted she felt part of the reason why her housemates turned on her was because she was "too honest" with them. Davina agreed, telling Ife she needs to learn how to keep quiet sometimes.

When asked why she was "boring" in the house, Ife added: "I went in there to find out who I was and what I want to be. I didn't go in there to prance about."

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