Lesbian teens flee Corrie

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  • 16 July 2010
Sophie Webster

Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent

The Webster family will be frantic with worry when daughter Sophie runs away with girlfriend in 'Coronation Street'

'Coronation Street' lovers Sophie Webster and Sian Powers will leave their families frantic with worry when they go missing.

The two schoolgirls decide to move as far away from Weatherfield as possible when their families ban them from seeing each other after finding out about their lesbian fling.

Viewers will see Sophie's parents Kevin and Sally - played by Michael Le Vell and Sally Whittaker - take to the streets with posters and flyers in an attempt to track their daughter down.

The Daily Star newspaper reports that Kevin breaks down sobbing: "She's a child. Anything could happen. I just want her home."

When Sophie (Brooke Vincent) calls her older sister Rosie (Helen Flanagan) to confirm she is safe, she doesn't give any clues about where they are.

It was recently revealed the couple were planning to move to Australia when they feared their relationship could be exposed.

Sian (Sacha Parkinson) tells Sophie: "It's got to be Australia, Sophie. It's the furthest away we can get. No one will ever find us there."

Recently Brooke claimed it was easy to act out the kissing scenes because the two actresses have been pals for years.

She said: "Sacha and I were friends long before 'Corrie' and I'm so glad it's her."

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