Tired Ben threatens to quit BB

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  • 16 July 2010
Big Brother housemate Ben

Tired Ben threatens to quit BB

Ben had a rant about fellow housemates John James, Caoimhe and Josie after they kept him awake into the early hours of the morning

Ben became threatened to quit 'Big Brother' last night (15.07.10) over his noisy housemates.

The posh housemate was annoyed when Caoimhe, Josie and John James entered the bedroom claiming they wanted an early night, only to stay up talking until 2:30am.

After asking them to be quiet, Ben then stormed out of the bedroom to vent his anger to David and Corin in the garden.

He said: "I think I've got to go in a few days, I can't handle this.

"They just talk loudly and I come off like a naggy b***h. They are going to do it every night because they get more and more excited.

"It's f***ing selfish. I'm going home in two days."

He later went on to criticise all of the talking housemates, proclaiming John James to be "thick".

He said: "John is thick, Caoimhe and Josie are selfish. They have no consideration.

"Josie comes in and then because Caoimhe hasn't got a life she comes in too. John can't live without Josie because he's like a lapdog so he comes in and then they can't shut up."

Ben also ranted about the content of the group's discussion, saying: "I'm no prude but I don't want to hear about masturbation for an hour. I don't want to hear about an Australian who's just discovered he's got a penis."

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