Jedward's 1m fortune

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  • 15 July 2010
Jedward for new celebrity homes show


John and Edward Grimes - aka Jedward - claim to have earned over £1 million since appearing on 'The X Factor' last year

Jedward have earned over £1 million since appearing on 'The X Factor'.

Reality show rejects John and Edward Grimes - who became known for their tuneless performances and energetic stage routines on the ITV1 show - claim they have earned the enormous sum in the months after they were booted from the reality competition, but are still careful with their spending.

When reminded their show mentor Louis Walsh admitted he expected them to make a million or two after the programme, John answered: "We already have!"

However, Edward admitted they didn't know an exact figure.

He explained to Star magazine: "But we're not sure what it is after tax!"

Despite their bulging wallets, the 18-year-old twins are careful with their money.

John explained: "We don't spend a lot."

Edward added: "That's our upbringing. We even went to buy an iPhone charger recently and we were like: 'That's too much!'"

But there is one thing the pair would love to splash out on.

Edward said: "World peace. But I think me and John are helping world peace already."

John replied: "Yeah, with love."

Edward added: "Jedward do it with lurrrrve!"

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