Rhys Ashworth's 'surprise' lover

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  • 15 July 2010
Andy Moss

Rhys Ashworth

'Hollyoaks' actor Andrew Moss admits his alter-ego Rhys Ashworth is set to bag a ''surprise'' new girlfriend in the soap

Rhys Ashworth is to get a "surprising" new girlfriend in 'Hollyoaks'.

The wannabe ladies man - who is played by hunky Andrew Moss - is set to fall in love in an upcoming storyline that will expose the barman's softer side.

Andrew said: "I think Rhys is going to fall in love again. It's a character already in the village. It's quite surprising. It's a character who's been here for a while.

"Am I keen for him to get a new girlfriend? Yes. There is only so long you can play the dark moody storyline, the sarcastic one liners, and getting shunned by everyone in the village. I think this is going to be a new turning point. You'll see the Rhys we saw in the first couple of years - a softer side."

The star is currently preparing to lock lips with his character's new love interest for the first time, although Andrew claims he doesn't get nervous during these scenes.

He said: "I've got the script which has my first kissing scene for a while. I don't think you get nervous about that kind of thing anymore though. I've been here for that long, people are always walking around with their tops off! It's all part and parcel of the job these days."

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