Uber Cougar holds BBoys hostage

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  • 14 July 2010
Corin in her sexy superhero outfit

Corin in her sexy superhero outfit

The male contestants in the 'Big Brother' house have been taken hostage by an Uber Cougar, while the females have been ordered to dress as sexy superheroes and save their men

The 'Big Brother' boys have been taken hostage by the Uber Cougar.

At about 1.20pm today (14.07.10), the male housemates were ordered into the special Cougars Lair by a sexy figure wearing red lycra and a mask as part of their latest shopping task.

The sexy mystery figure appeared on the plasma screen in the living room, as she explained the challenge to the housemates, ordering the boys to put on kinky outfits she had selected for them which consisted of tight black boxer shorts, yellow trim with tigers on the crotch and tight black vest tops.

Whilst the boys guessed the mystery figure was show host Davina McCall, Andrew exclaimed: "Oh Big Brother I don't do sexual allure!"

Although Big Brother is remaining secretive about who the curvy woman is, it has been reported bosses on the show were keen for 'Baywatch' babe Pamela Anderson or another celebrity 'cougar' - a woman over 40 known to have a penchant for younger men - to help make the final series finish in style.

Pamela, former model Janice Dickinson, 55, and actress Brigitte Nielson, 46, were all apparently being considered for the compound.

While the men were whisked away, the female housemates were told they were to don sexy superhero costumes, and try to save their men from the lair.

Busty Corin has taken on the nickname Buxom Bombshell, and has been kitted out in a baby pink plastic outfit, with weapons including baby pink hairdryers and make-up brushes.

While the girls dressed in their new gear, the boys were given a masterclass on how to woo women from within the Cougar's Lair.

As Josie called out to hunky Australian John James through the garden wall to check he was ok, he replied: "Jose you gotta save me! You gotta get me out first yes?"

The female housemates will each be set individual tasks, winning £100 and freeing a male contestant for each challenge they pass.

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