Keith Duffy's American TV dreams

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  • 14 July 2010
Keith Duffy who plays Ciaran McCarthy

Keith Duffy

Boyzone singer and 'Coronation Street' star Keith Duffy admits he has huge ambitions to appear in an American drama TV series

Keith Duffy wants to be an American TV star.

The Boyzone singer - who currently portrays cheeky barman Ciaran McCarthy in the Weatherfield-based soap - admits his "dream" would be to star in a US drama series like 'Grey's Anatomy' or 'The Wire'.

He said: "These are amazing TV shows. They have fantastic direction and budgets and wonderful script writers. That's where I would love to end up. I never went to acting school or drama college, I was lucky enough to learn from the ground up on a show like 'Coronation Street'. I've done some stage work too. I'm starting to explore a lot of the acting avenues - but ultimately American TV is where my dream is at."

The 35-year-old hunk enjoys being able to work on both musical and TV projects, but admits his real passion is towards furthering his acting career.

He added to "I am very ambitious. I really want to further my career in acting. I love being in Boyzone and I love being part of a band. But to be honest with you, I'm more into Boyzone because I love spending time with the lads, we love reminiscing and having the craic together. But it's not my passion. I love being there because it's all I know and it's all I done for a long time. Me and the lads are so close - we've spent most of our lives together, we miss each other when we're not together. But my passion now and my ambitions now would definitely be towards the acting."

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