Mario miserable at facing BBoot

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  • 14 July 2010
Mario's first BB task


Miserable Mario is still mystified about why Caoihme selected him for nomination on Friday (16.07.10), after the pretty Irish DJ won this week's 'Save and Replace' task

Mario is still upset that Caoihme chose him to replace her at Friday's nomination (16.07.10).

The pretty Irish student selected the unemployed fashion designer to face this week's public vote after she won the Western-style 'Save and Replace' challenge against fellow nominees Ife and Corin yesterday (13.07.10).

However, Mario was still bitter about her choice - and asked Ben for a private chat in the nest.

He told him: "What I'm saying is, what's the point in battling on if week after week someone just picks my face off the board?"

Ben tried to make him feel better by saying he was "universally liked" so that's why he was picked, but Mario continued: "Well if that's the case then it's pure tactics.

"She could have picked you. Dave picked her one week so she could have easily picked him back. So why would she then pick me when we had no issue?"

Mario is now up for eviction against backing dancer Ife and bisexual Corin on Friday.

Meanwhile, John James was another housemate to have a moan yesterday, blasting 'Big Brother' producers for not realising new housemate Keeley had lied about being single.

Speaking to Caoimhe and Josie in the bathroom, he said: "They're not very smart, are they? Why wouldn't you double check?"

The trio then decided the pretty travel agent had been put in the house to strike up a romance with hunky Australian John James.

But the former body builder said it was now out of the question, adding: "She even said, I think I was put in here for your love interest.' I wouldn't do anything with anyone who is in a relationship."

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