BB Ben threatens to quit

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  • 14 July 2010
Big Brother housemate Ben

BB Ben

Ben has blasted John James' ''pathetic'' behaviour and threatened to leave the 'Big Brother' house if the Australian's attitude doesn't change

Ben has threatened to quit 'Big Brother' because of John James.

The writer-and-broadcaster was furious after the Australian housemate accused him of deliberately trying speaking to Ife before the 'Save and Replace' task in an attempt to protect his own position in the house, and admitted he is tiring of the former bodybuilder's attempts to stir up trouble.

Ben told David and Josie: "I don't deserve to have what he does, following me around and haranguing me. If he continues it then I will leave.

"I'm not worried about leaving, because I've got things to go back to. What's he got to look forward to? A plane trip back to Melbourne, that's it. I'm sorry if that's harsh, but it's true."

The furious 30 year old insisted the day's incident was not a one-off and wishes the hunky Australian would show an interest in other topics.

He seethed: "He's doing my head in, he kept me awake last night talking and shouting in here, then he's following me around and accusing me of playing a game or whatever. I can't take it anymore, he's doing my f**king head in.

"Why is he so interested in these things? Why doesn't he talk about politics in the real world or sport if he's interested in that? It's always got to be about people's psychological inner motivations, it's ill.

"We're in a fake TV wonderland, and he's treating it like it's some moral battle of biblical proportions. It's pathetic."

Speaking to Ben about his behaviour before the 'Save and Replace' task, John James had earlier said: "I just picked up on something and I know David did too, it was like there was a fear came over you and you were scared you were going to be up for eviction. And then we saw you chatting to Ife.

"If you stay in here it should be because of what people have decided, not because you've made a last five-minute dash at her."

Ben denied the accusations, saying: "I did not have a conversation with Ife, I exchanged a few pleasantries with her and that was it."

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