Labels of Love: Armellodie Records

Labels of Love: Armellodie Records

Super Adventure Club

Launched in early 2007 by Al Nero and Scott Maple of blissful guitar slingers Le Reno Amps, Glasgow rock ‘n’ pop cavalry Armellodie has but one vital mission: Say No to Bland Records.

What musical treasures do you bring us?

‘Our current line-up consists of an eclectic bunch of buxom comrades: Super Adventure Club, Kill the Captains, Cuddly Shark, The Scottish Enlightenment, Thirty Pounds of Bone and Le Reno Amps.’

You’ve got some pretty vivid logos and visuals going on: how significant is your artwork and packaging?

‘We put every effort into all our releases and we have a team of arty folks who all muck in: Cheryl McCann, Stuart Brett and Jane Elliott. One of the benefits of being a humble operation is that we can be flexible with the model, and we can do small physical runs on singles or EPs, and really make the artefact something to cherish. Such is the case with the recent Scottish Enlightenment EP, which was released in beautiful handmade card booklets. With the more prominent retail releases it’s also imperative that the artwork is of über-quality.’

Do you thrive on being a DIY alliance, rather than just a record label?

‘I think it’s important to have fun, and if it spills over into other creative processes, so be it. Armellodie has several operations under its wing: Neil from Super Adventure Club works hard on an old-school paper fanzine called Muckle Sandwich. Kill the Captains have had their own club-night, Mutiny, in Sheffield, for a few years now. Label, stable, collective, rock co-operative, promoter, whatever – just so long as your ears aren’t painted on and you enjoy what you’re doing then you’re onto a winner.’

What’s in the Armellodie pipeline?

‘After summer we’re looking forward to releasing the new album from Shetland-raised, whisky-soaked tunesmith Johnny Lamb, aka Thirty Pounds of Bone, and later in the year we’ve got the debut album from The Scottish Enlightenment, which promises to be pretty special. Armellodie’s troops are constantly gigging through the UK and into Europe: keep your eyes peeled and your ears raised.’

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