Andrew is top BB chef

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  • 13 July 2010


New 'Big Brother' housemate Andrew has won his first task, by cooking a liver and custard pie, in the chef challenge

'Big Brother' geek Andrew has won the chef task - with a liver and custard pie.

The new contestants had to cook meals for their housemates yesterday (12.07.10) using five ingredients from a list of 15.

Rachel was in charge of breakfast, Keeley prepared lunch and Andrew served up dinner - with the rest of the house scoring their efforts.

Bespectacled Andrew was given a bizarre selection of ingredients - including liver and custard - so whipped up a half-sweet, half-savoury pie for each housemate.

The 19-year-old maths genius was helped by Ben who reassured him as he nervously served up the strange dinner.

But despite his fears, the housemates all scored Andrew's meal ten, except for Keeley who gave the student eight.

Andrew had tried to keep his nerves under control by a string of jokes.

He said: "This reminds me of a time when I went to a restaurant and there was a waiter there that didn't have his entire left arm. Served them right!"

Ben told him: "This is something that Heston Blumenthal with his love of stale porridge would be proud of."

The other two contestants didn't score so well.

Flight attendant Rachel selected tomatoes, Bombay mix, eggs, Roquefort cheese and baked beans to make an omelette.

Ben branded it "revolting", Steve scored her just two out of 10 and Andrew said: "It was like a party in my mouth but everyone is throwing up."

Blonde Keeley chose wraps, marrows, hot curry paste, anchovies and rice for a lunchtime curry.

She scored highly by her impressed housemates with Ben telling her: "The marrow was cooked to perfection. The anchovies weren't overpowering. I'm really proud of her, I give her a big nine."

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