Rachel's crazy cooking

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  • 12 July 2010
New housemate Rachel


Rachel, Keeley and Andrew have been told to cook for their housemates, using a restricted list of ingredients for each meal, with Rachel's spicy breakfast omelette already judged ''disgusting''

The new 'Big Brother' contestants have been told they must cook meals for their housemates today (13.06.10).

Rachel, Keeley and Andrew were told they must each prepare a dish, using five ingredients chosen from a list of 15 items, and had to use everything from their selection in their cooking, with the rest of the house then having to score their efforts.

Cooking breakfast this morning, Rachel selected tomatoes, Bombay mix, eggs, Roquefort cheese and baked beans, telling the group she planned to make an omelette.

Watching her cook, Ben commented: "I like egg, I like cheese but she's tipped all the baked beans in - I've never known anyone do that before."

David explained: "There can't be any side dishes."

However, the flight attendant failed to impress with her concoction, with Ben branding it "revolting" and Steve scoring her just two out of 10.

Andrew was the only person to finish his meal, but after awarding her a six said: "It was like a party in my mouth but everyone is throwing up."

In all, Rachel scored 63 out of a possible 110, with Josie awarding her a nine, claiming the taste was "growing" on her.

With Keeley cooking lunch and Andrew preparing dinner, the two newcomers must select their five ingredients with a list comprising liver, dragon fruit, marrow, pastry case, wraps, curry paste, tomatoes, anchovies, squirty cream, rice and custard.

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