John James almost quits BB over Josie

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  • 12 July 2010
John James

John James

John James and Josie have finally put their differences behind them following a series of explosive rows that saw the Australian threaten to leave the house

John James threatened to quit the 'Big Brother' house following a series of arguments with Josie.

The Australian housemate was left devastated after his close pal told him she could no longer be his friend after the explosive rows, which apparently escalated when the Bristolian admitted lying about calling him "crab-eyes".

Following their arguments, Josie told him: "You made me so angry last night I wanted to slip out - anyone who makes me that angry isn't worth hanging out with in my eyes.

"I don't want to be horrible but I don't want to be your friend again."

The 24 year old then retreated to the diary room - missing a special dinner he had won with David, Ife, Rachel, Keeley and Andrew - for over two hours, where he broke down in tears and admitted he was thinking of quitting the house.

He then asked for Josie to be sent to the diary room, but the pair failed to resolve their differences.

However, the sales rep was later asked to return to the diary room, and following a long discussion with John James, the pair were eventually able to laugh about their falling out - though still couldn't agree on where the tension had arisen from.

Discussing why John James had verbally attacked Josie and not Steve over the insult, Josie told him: "I think you were angry with Steve because he showed you up in front of Keeley."

Her pal eventually agreed, saying: "I feel like a wally talking about it to Steve, that's why I thought I would come to you."

The duo then agreed to put the row behind them and spent more time together and fell asleep spooning in the Nest.

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