Dizzy Quizzy task for tea

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  • 12 July 2010
Mario, Caoimhe and Corin in the Dizzy Quizzy task

Mario, Caoimhe and Corin in the Dizzy Quizzy task

'Big Brother' contestants battled it out yesterday (11.07.10) for the chance to enjoy a lavish evening meal with newcomers Keeley, Rachel and Andrew in the Dizzy Quizzy task

Ife, John James and Dave won the Dizzy Quizzy task last night (11.07.10).

The housemates were competing in a special challenge to see how much they knew about newcomers Rachel, Keeley and Andrew - who entered the compound on Friday night (09.07.10).

The nine previous housemates were split into three teams of three, and competed for the chance to win a lavish dinner for the winning team to share with their new pals in a multiple-choice quiz with a difference.

Competitors were supposed to sit on a spinning chair whilst Big Brother asked them multiple choice questions about the new housemates. After the buzzer sounded, they dizzy contestant would need to run to the correct podium.

However, a technical fault with the chairs meant the contestants had to spin around poles instead, before attempting to guess correctly.

The green team - made up of backing dancer Ife, Australian John James and Christian minister Dave - celebrated their win with lavish dinner in the kitchen with the newcomers.

While they enjoyed their dinner, the blue team - consisting of Mario, Corin and Caoimhe - and the yellow team - Josie, Ben and Steve - were locked in a different room.

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