Josie teases 'booby man' Andrew

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 11 July 2010

Big Brother's Josie

Josie has joked with new 'Big brother' contestant Andrew about being a ''booby man'', telling him he could name her breasts if he wanted to

Josie has teased new 'Big Brother' housemate Andrew about being a "booby man".

The Bristolian contestant - who is currently engaged in a flirtation with John James - told the confessed maths geek he could be her "new husband" and joked with him about his penchant for looking at her breasts.

While in a discussion with Caoimhe, Josie laughed when discussing 19-year-old Andrew's love of breasts, and later when Mario joked about Andrew pointing at "Josie's a*s", she laughed: "Were you looking at my boobies?"

An embarrassed Andrew responded: "No!" before Caoimhe added: "I've seen you looking at Josie's boobs a few times."

Josie then asked: "Are you a booby man, Andrew?" before telling him he could "name them" if he wanted to.

Andrew was among three new contestants to enter the house on Friday (09.07.10), alongside 22-year-old Rachel and travel agency manager Keeley, who came in on a specially lowered spacecraft dressed up as astronauts.

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