New housemates enter BB

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  • 10 July 2010
New housemate Rachel

New housemate Rachel

Three new housemates - Rachel, Andrew and Keeley - entered the 'Big Brother' house last night (09.07.10) in a spaceship

Three new housemates entered the 'Big Brother' house last night (09.07.10).

Following Nathan's eviction, air hostess Rachel, student Andrew and travel agency manager Keeley, arrived in the garden in a spaceship and dressed in space suits.

Unaware of what was happening, the other housemates were sat on the sofa when Bob Righter delivered a message saying: "You've just witnessed Nathan's demise, now it's time to look to the skies."

They then all rushed to the doors shouting and screaming as the blinds rose and revealed the spaceship landing in the garden.

Corin squealed: "Oh my God. I'm scared," with Ife also saying: "I'm scared, too."

When the spaceship landed, Andrew, Keeley and Rachel stepped out into the garden and Big Brother told them: "Welcome to earth spacemen, please now remove your helmets."

The housemates screamed and laughed as they waved to the new arrivals and the new trio made their way into the house to introduce themselves.

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