BB beams in new housemates

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  • 9 July 2010
New housemate Rachel

New housemate Rachel

Three new housemates are to enter the 'Big Brother' house tonight (09.07.10) in a spaceship, during a week where the compound has been taken over by robots

Three new housemates are to enter the 'Big Brother' house tonight (09.07.10) - in a spaceship.

In a week where the housemates have been invaded by robots, the trio will be dropped into the compound's garden this evening.

Air hostess Rachel Ifon, student Andrew Edmonds and travel agent Keeley Johnson have been watching the Channel 4 show from the outside and are expected to use their insider knowledge to cause more friction inside the already fraught house.

The house's fairground dummy Bob Righter will announce their arrival by asking the housemates to "look to the skies".

Flight attendant Rachel, 29, from Liverpool was a finalist in Pop Idol in 2002.

She says she wanted to be on 'Big Brother' for the experience, has practiced three religions in her life and despite being an air steward has only traveled as far as Morrocco - where she stayed for 25 minutes, put the bins out and flew back.

Geeky Andrew, 19, from Dorset, was a child genius who took his A-Level maths exam at just 13 and is now at Oxford University.

After being pushed to be academic, Andrew wanted to join the house to rebel and do something for himself. He is also hoping the experience will leave him a bit more "normal".

Travel agent Keeley, 30, claims to have won "every" award in her industry and has achieved everything she has ever wanted. She also loves being centre of attention.

The news comes four days after housemate Shabby quit the show.

The 24-year-old aspiring actress left the Channel 4 compound after continually telling Big Brother she wanted to go.

Shabby fumed before leaving: "I just don't know if I can stay here and allow people to nominate me for reasons that aren't valid. They can't make a fool out of me."

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