BBeaten by Machine

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  • 9 July 2010
BB house invaded by robots

BBeaten by Machine

The 'Big Brother' housemates have failed their latest robot task, meaning they will only be entitled to a basic shopping budget next week

The 'Big Brother' housemates have failed their final task against the machines.

The group - who were turned into robots if they were touched by Titan - had to take part in a 'Star Wars' style task, which saw the non-robot members take on individual remote control machines in the hope of winning a battle against the robots' super machines.

However, not one vehicle controlled by a human was left standing at the end of the challenge, meaning the housemates will have only a basic shopping budget for next week.

John James' robot was the first to fall, while Mario's signalled the end of the task when it fell down a hole in the game area.

Big Brobot declared: "Housemates, your attempts are pathetic. As no housemates remain in action, robots remain victorious."

However, Titan the robot came bearing better news earlier in the day when David received a special anniversary message from his wife Donna, as well as a celebratory curry, beer and photos of the couple.

After visiting the Diary Room, he was played an audio clip from her.

She said: "Hey baby, its Donna your wife. I want to say happy anniversary! I have arranged for you to have a Vindaloo tonight."

The Christian minister was also pleased Big Brother had managed to get hold of a photo from his wedding day.

He exclaimed: "We only have one photo from our wedding."

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