T in the Park 2010: The anticipation and planning stage

T in the Park 2010: The anticipation and planning stage

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It's the morning of T and excitement is at fever pitch. I don't mind admitting that my music tastes are perhaps not as highly-developed as my List compadres' – my most-anticipated act of today is krunk-pop superstars 3OH!3, who are playing the King Tut's Tent; the Black Eyed Peas' headlining set on the Radio 1/NME Stage comes a close second. That said, my interests are not exclusively mainstream – Ghanaian/Glaswegian hip hop/rap/soul artist Kobi Onyame has caught my attention, as have The Seventeenth Century, an experimental folk group from all over Scotland. Both are playing the T Break Stage early on in the day, so I'll happily support the native music scene before giving in to the chart-toppers.

Let's spare a thought for those that can't make it, though. There have been many rumours circulating that Eminem has pulled out, and while this is decidedly not true (at time of writing – welcome to Disclaimerville!), his Canadian understudy Drake has had to cancel his Saturday slot on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Futures stage, due to family reasons. Sunday suffers a double-hit of cancellations: American singer-songwriter John Mayer has also had to call off his appearance on the Main Stage, and Chicagoan hip hop/jazz/jam band Hypnotic Brass Ensemble removed their name from the final day's running order a wee while back.

Three acts missing out of the hundreds attending, though, is nothing to get too depressed about – your only worry now should be choosing which of the masses of musicians you're gonna grace with your presence. Thankfully, the entire List team have got together to recommend some fantastic acts to check out over the weekend, so you don't have to rely on my dodgy music peccadilloes. Our T in the Park Spotify playlist is a bit of an all-encompassing monster, but we've highlighted special tracks for your attention here. Equally handy is our ones-to-watch T Break guide, letting you know the local lads and lasses who'll be attaining stardom in years to come – just so you can be one of those smug so-and-sos who boast that 'I saw them when they were just starting out, y'know…'. And in case you've mislaid your fully comprehensive T in the Park copy of The List, we've handily put all your travel info and the full running order online as well. Aren't we nice?

If you're worried that we're gonna love and leave you, dinnae fret! We'll be holding your virtual hand throughout the weekend, posting blogs twice a day (once in the afternoon, once the morning covering the night before) and tweeting regularly (Twitter fans should sign up to follow @thelistmagazine if they haven't already).

All that's left to say now is have fun, enjoy the music, and don't be afraid of the mud – it's gonna get you anyway.

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