Steve's Titan-ic defeat

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  • 8 July 2010
Steve's Titan-ic defeat

Steve's Titan-ic defeat

Steve has apparently defeated Big Brobot in the final part of this week's shopping task, after an egg-beating championship

Steve has defeated Big Brobot in their shopping task's final battle.

The former serviceman was nominated to take part in an egg-whisking competition against Titan in the Robo Room this afternoon (07.07.10), as the seemingly last part of their robotic tasks this week.

On entering the room, he shouted: "Daddy's home!"

Steve had to use a normal whisk, while his robotic challenger had a fast-moving electrical version. Despite being hindered with his weaponry, Steve put up with his competitor's constant cheating and eventually lead the housemates to victory when the robots cheating ways eventually got the better of him - and he ended up knocking his own bowl of eggs onto the floor and losing to Steve.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed 'Big Brother's Little Brother' will hold a secret coded message which will have a huge impact on the house during the final tomorrow night (09.07.10).

Viewers of the spin-off show may have noticed a special barcode popping onto their screens at numerous points during the series so far.

During tonight's show, the barcode will appear on screen once again - leading fans to a secret page on the official 'Big Brother' website, where exclusive secret news will be hidden.

To view the message, fans must download a barcode scanner onto their mobile phones, scan the image, and follow the link to the website.

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