'Fake' Corin

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  • 8 July 2010
Corin takes part in Munchermind


'Big Brother' housemates think Corin is fake as they don't believe her happy-go-lucky attitude is genuine

Housemates have labelled fellow 'Big Brother' contestant Corin "fake".

Caoimhe and John James have said they aren't fooled by the 29-year-old Katie Price lookalike's happy-go-lucky attitude and don't believe her to be completely genuine

Caoimhe, 22 explained: "It's her voice, it's the constant singing. I see through it."

Housemates were shocked when Corin launched an angry tirade after they moved some of her belongings during Sunday's (04.07.10) house divide.

She shouted: "I'm annoyed. I don't want all my bedding dragged on a dirty floor. I wouldn't do that to anyone in here, it's made us all quite annoyed. It's not funny. I don't want my s**t messed with."

Reformed Christian minister Dave admitted Corin's outburst had "shocked" him and predicted that she could cause some major arguments in the house.

Caoimhe further explained her dislike of Corin to Ben, saying: "She obviously can see that I don't respond to her as other people do, because other people idolise her. I would much prefer her to acknowledge that, 'OK, there's something wrong here', and for her to stay away from me."

However writer and broadcaster Ben - who has been accused of having a crush on Corin - defended her, saying she has good values and honest intentions behind her consistently happy attitude.

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