Diana Vickers flustered by fame

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 8 July 2010
Diana Vickers

Diana Vickers

British pop star Diana Vickers thinks fame can be ''a bit of a b***h'', but admits there are upsides to being a celebrity

Diana Vickers thinks fame can be "a bit of a b***h".

Although the 'Once' hitmaker enjoys the perks of being a celebrity, especially the parties, the constant interest in her life can be annoying at times.

She told BANG Showbiz: "A lot of the time you just want to sing and for people to just be interested in that, and that only. But I mean, you've got to accept that everything else comes with that and to be able to do what I love and sing, then people have to want to know about your personal life.

"But at the same time, as much as it can be a b***h and a bit of a pain, a lot of fans feel they can connect with me as a person. It sort of breaks that barrier.

"But then there's the bonuses of you get to go to these glamorous events and meet all these actors and singers that I've admired. And, of course, the freebies!"

The 18-year-old British pop star also admits she doesn't like details of her private life being revealed because she is "trying to grow up" in the spotlight.

Diana - whose new single 'The Boy Who Murdered Love' is available to download from July 19 - said: "It's like you're in a bad mood and you look like death and there are things around about your private life and you are just trying to grow up and do normal things."

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