BB house invaded by robots

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  • 7 July 2010
BB house invaded by robots

BB house invaded by robots

The 'Big brother' house has been invaded by robots, as the contestants battle it out for this week's shopping task

The 'Big Brother' house has been taken over by robots for this week's shopping task.

Over the next few days, the remaining contestants will take part in the new 'Man versus Machine' challenge, where they will battle it out against Big Brobot and his evil sidekick Titan in numerous different obstacles.

Housemates who win will have to face Bigger Brother tomorrow (08.07.10), while those who fail will have to don robot outfits until the task is over.

The losers will also have to follow special robotic rules when they talk. They will have to begin ever conversations with the word "I am a robot", and must use the terms "affirmative" and "negative" instead of "yes" and "no".

If all housemates are turned into robots, the task will have failed.

Another robot - the ChaserBot 3000 - is about to enter the house later today as one of Big Brobots robot minions.

After climbing through a hatch in the garden, any housemates he touches will also become robots.

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