Hello good buy - Recent purchases at List HQ

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  • 7 July 2010
Hello good buy - Recent purchases at List HQ

What was the last thing you bought? Is it a new obsession? Or already returned? List staff share their recent buys

Juliet - sales executive
A hairband (H&M, £1.99)
It’s light pink. With circles of fabric on one side. Oh lord. I glanced it by the till and thought I’d give the pastel, romantic trend a go. But no. I will NEVER WEAR IT. It’s now next to my mirror so that the shame will burn into my memory and I’ll never make the same mistake again.

Amy - office administrator
Edinburgh to London train tickets. (www.thetrainline.com, £20.30)
Last month I emptied my bank account and bought a ticket to the End of the Road festival. Next I began a hunt for the mythical ‘advance rate’ cheap tickets you always hear about but never seem to find. Luckily the hunt was short (www.thetrainline.com has a handy tool on their ‘gadgets’ page that emails you when tickets become available). It’s my last year as a ‘Young Person’ (in the eyes of British Rail), which took another chunk off. God, I feel smug.

Claire - shopping editor
A book called Sunday Is For Lovers. (www.linesandshapesconnectus.com, $42.)
It’s a collection of stories, Polaroids and illustrations from bloggers, writers, designers etc. talking about what they do on Sundays. How late they sleep in, what breakfast they cook, what music they listen to, what clothes they wear… Ah, I go to my happy place whenever I look at it.

Lucy - senior designer
A flat!
A lovely one-bedroom in Tollcross. I’m shitting myself now though. I own two flats and need to get rid of one. Does anyone want to buy a flat?

Jonny - editor
12 Speed Stacks competition cups (www.amazon.co.uk, £5.90)
I’m advised they’re specially designed for the ‘sport’ of stacking. American kids have been learning to build small pyramids extremely quickly, then enter very serious competitions to see who’s fastest. Type ‘speed stacking’ into YouTube to see eager youngsters moving cups at lightning fast pace, surrounded by parents with stopwatches. Over 2 million people have watched a child named Stephen Purugganan break his own sub-seven second world record. This was a gift for my dad who loves competitive games (as do I), and beating children at competitive games (as do I).

Laura - research manager
Goat’s cheese (Scotmid, £1.50)
I’ve been buying a lot recently. I only just discovered that I like it after a life of ignorance. This came about when I ordered a mystery sandwich in Spain and it turned out to contain goat’s cheese. Since then I’ve never looked back. I find it lends a certain touch of class to any bog standard salad or pasta salad.

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