Caoimhe's Ife anger

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  • 7 July 2010
Ife in the Diary Room

Ife in the Diary Room

Caoimhe was angered after Ife admitted to saying that she led Shabby on

Caoimhe was furious after Ife confessed that she spoke about her in the Diary Room.

As the pair attempted to clear the air following their argument earlier in the week, Ife revealed she had said the pretty Irish student led lesbian Shabby - who walked out of the Big Brother house on Monday (05.07.10) - on.

She said: "If I'm being completely honest with you - because we might as well be honest with each other. I said in the Diary Room I felt Caoimhe has very much led Shabby on."

When backing dancer Ife continued by revealing she had said, "I said I think Caoimhe wanted to have her cake and eat it", Caoimhe became upset.

Explaining that she had a "very tactile friendship" with Shabby, 24, Caoimhe fretted that Ife's comments could damage her relationship with boyfriend Dave, who she proposed to yesterday (06.07.10).

Going down on one knee in the Diary Room she made the proposal via Big Brother saying: "Okay, Dave will you marry me in the BB house because I love you and think you're so beautiful."

Earlier in the day, Caoimhe warned Josie about Ife, claiming that "she utilises people".

She said: "Ife is a funny one that you have to look out for. She utilises people's personalities to get want she wants."

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