Exposure: Aerials Up

Exposure: Aerials Up

Indie folk rockers Aerials Up have enjoyed a lot of success for a new band, supporting acts like Paulo Nutini and Snow Patrol. The List caught up with lead singer Kemy to find out what’s got everyone so excited about this band.

How would you define your music?

It’s indie but with strings and a load of backing vocals. We take a lot of our influence from Pixies and Talking Heads.

You’ve changed your line-up recently, how did that come about?

It takes a long time to get the right people together and find a sound that everyone agrees on – it’s trial and error - but the right people seem to have gravitated towards us at the right time. It’s great because everyone believed in the same thing for the band.

What’s it like to get a support slot with acts like Paulo Nutini and Snow Patrol?

It’s amazing! I never thought it would happen. The support we’ve had is great. Sharing the same stage as people like Snow Patrol, Paulo Nutini - and even The Editors - and being recognised by the BBC and playing the BBC Introducing Tent at T in the Park is huge!

How important has social media sites such as MySpace and Facebook been for Aerials Up?

It’s been great for us, because it’s a great way for people to get to know us and show that they like our music. We got a message from a woman in Salt Lake City who said she listens to our songs in the office. It’s a great way of reaching people who otherwise might not have ever heard of us. It’s great to keep in touch with these people.

Are there any exhibitionists in the band?

Murphy who plays bass and Neil who plays lead guitar. They do like to take their tops off at any given opportunity. We were supporting Paulo Nuttini at The Royal Albert Hall. When we finished performing, I turned round and saw the two of them running about with their shirts off climbing up the stage.

Do you listen to any music that people might be surprised by?

Sometimes I’m really in the mood to listen to some metal, which people don’t seem to get, because I’ll be listening to that then I’ll come in with a song that has a three part string harmony – which is a bit weird.

Who’s the practical joker of the group?

I think it’s me who seems to wind everyone up! I think they all reckon I’ve got ADHD or something like that.

What’s next for Aerials Up?

We’ll be playing the BBC Introducing Tent at T in the Park, then we’re playing The Wickerman Festival and headlining a gig at King Tut's. We’re also planning on releasing a single in September called ‘First in the Fire.’

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